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We develop mountain bike destinations for sustainable tourism growth.


Outline Tourism is specializing at planning and developing destinations for mountain bike, in collaboration with local communities and institutions. We use the knowledge of global market tendencies and provide a wide range of services which leads to a complete project.

Outline Tourism offers consulting services for mountain bike tourism promotion and marketing.
We provide you all the tools needed in order to develop efficient mountain bike facilities and services for your destination, hotel or any other tourism business.


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Day by day the outdoor activities take over a bigger share in the tourism sector.
Mountain bike holidays is one of the most popular tourism products, with a growing demand from large and high level target groups.
Bike Parks and All-mountain resorts are constantly growing and developing in order to cover the demand for mountain bike activities.

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Mountain bike is a very big globally growing Market. It is the most popular outdoor activity and the core for tourism growth of MTB destinations.

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Add Value

Mountain bike tourists spent a lot of money for bike services and accommodation. Much more than other outdoor activity target groups.

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Mountain bike has a positive impact at environment and local communities. Not only through economical growth, but also through nature protection.


Every destination has its particularities and culture. The identity of each destination must come out from the local culture.

That is why it is very important for the local community and the local institutions, to engage at Research and Planning of their destination potentials.

We collaborate with the community, in order to fully understand the local specifications and have the chance to make a deep research to all the aspects of their region.

The goal is to plan the project in a way that maximises the potential of the best outcome for the destination and the local community.

Trail Network is the key element to a successful mountain bike destination. It multiplies the benefit for the destination and gives also the character and the ride reputation of the area.

Through our personnel we provide the best possible solutions, taking under consideration each region’s soil features.

Our trail crew with experience at some of the most famous trail centres of Europe, are interested to build trails that will give pleasure and satisfaction to all level of riders.

The trails and signage can and will make the difference for a high-end mountain bike destination.

The facilities and services provided, are the elements that will make profitable a mountain bike destination, for the local community and local companies.

That is why services must be specified and aim professionally to high level standards.

Through our knowledge and experience at the tourism sector, we can provide consultancy and services, in order to achieve the best outcome for companies and personnel that need to engage at the mountain bike touristic industry.

Mountain bike destinations are first of all tourism destinations.

And every tourism destination should and must use its special characteristics in order to built the destination branding.

Tourism industry is a very demanding market. The marketing strategy must stands at very high levels, in order for the destination to be competitive.

Website, Social Media, ads, etc are fundamental and have the meaning of presenting the advantages and special features of an outstanding Mountain Bike destination.

Bike Hotels

We provide to your hotel business, through our services, any solution needed in order to upgrade your business to a bike hotel with minimum cost for your company.
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Greece Bike hotels

Greece Bike Hotels is an organisation that certificates and promotes the bike hotels of Greece. Contact us if you would like to discuss your hotel business potentials and become a member of

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Bike facilities

Develop bike facilities such as trails, pump tracks, skills area, bike playgrounds and many more. Contact us if you would like to develop or to upgrade bike facilities for your business.

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Bike Services & Guidance

Many hotel units have a bike rental, a very profitable activity if it is professionally organised. Contact us if you wish to develop or upgrade your rental services and for Guide Certifications.


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