Works, no words

| Nov 20 | 2019 | No Comment

Developing mountain bike destinations comes from specific and to the point actions, that are necessary in order to have the best possible outcomes.

The most important action is building quality trails and the key element of sustainability are the trails networks. Trail building is a task that needs to be considered with caution, rationality and commitment.

We are all aware of the persistence and patience that is needed for the best results regarding licences for building trails. As long as we want to develop a competitive destination, building quality trails is the most significant way; nothing can overcome this.

Countries that are already been recognised as top level mtb destinations, like Scotland for instance, are not reassured. They still building new quality trail networks, new Trail centres -Scotland has already 25 of them(!)- and drawing up plans for the coming years.

The Strategy Plan of DMTBinS (the organisation that is responsible for developing mtb in Scotland) for 2019 – 2025 has set the goal of increasing the revenue 100% that offers mountain biking in their country (500 million pounds!!!).

That is why, Outline Tourism among Aegean Trails presented at 35th Philoxenia a three-year plan for the development of mtb at the Region of Central Macedonia.

Through events such as the International Trail Building Week, bike race – festival “Trans Trails of Zeus” and mainly through cooperations between institutions for the construction and development of quality trail networks, we hope to come to the point of creating and promoting an mtb destination that will stand at the European and global standards.

We are moderate optimistic, since this is the first time that mtb community is heard loud and clear. Institutions and authorities such as Ministry of Tourism, the Greek Organisation of Tourism, Regions, Hotel Associations and many more, have declared their intention to contribute to the sustainable development of mountain biking tourism in Greece. It is up to us all, to work together in order to make the intentions work.