Outline Team

News | Nov 13 | 2016 | No Comment

The concept of Outline came up between two friends and keen mountain bikers who decide to combine their business activities in order to develop a mountain bike tourism company.

Tasos Efraimidis is the founder of Play Ride, a sole provider company for MIAS UK at Greece that certifies mountain bike Guides. He is also a certified MTB skills instructor by B1KE UK and a trail-building certification holder for mountain bike trails provided by IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association).

George Nanos is the founder of hotelworx, a company specialising in consulting services in the sector of tourism, as well as in the operation and management of tourist business and hotel units.

The growth of mountain bike tourism and the perspective for development of MTB destinations was the motivation for Tasos and George to create Outline, which became the first Greek company specialising at developing mountain bike destinations.

Outline company participates at world fairs and mountain bike tourism conferences. The company has already start to develop partnerships with leader companies of the mountain bike tourism market.

Outline successfully complete the development of the first bike park in Greece at the ski resort of Vasilitsa.

The “journey” for Outline has already began. And it is a journey with creativity, love, commitment  and tenacity for the progress of mountain bike tourism.