Much more than mountain biking

| Jan 21 | 2020 | No Comment

Watch the video: Israel is my playground by Fabio Wibmer

At the youtube and social media era, a most common marketing tool for promoting destinations is the production of a promo video.

Due to the last years, more and more mtb pro-riders are getting involved and star at these kind of videos, advertising efficiently mostly, mountain biking related destinations.

Latest video “Israel is my playground” starring the famous Red Bull athlete Fabio Wibmer, sponsored by Visit Israel and aimed at promoting Tel Aviv, indicates that many marketers now days understand slightly different the marketing strategy of such a production. What do we mean?

Israel is certainly not the most common destination for mountain biking. Ok, mountain bikers could choose Israel, still it is certainly not one of the first choices one can have. It is not a destination such as Scotland, Canada or the European Alpine countries, which have developed mountain biking tourism at very high level and countries that would be expected to produce such videos.

And beyond that, this particular video does NOT include bike trails, Trail Centers, or Bike Parks, stuff that tourists who travels for mountain biking are familiar to watch. On the contrary, this particular video seems to promotes in a way that you would expect for categories such as sea & sun tourism and city break destinations…

So, what led Visit Israel to invest in a pro-rider for promoting Tel Aviv without focusing -at least mainly- at shots of mountain biking facilities?

Well, consider a promo video featuring shots of a destination -any destination- lasting 6:43. How much do you think your chances are, of keeping the audience interest going throughout the whole duration of the video? And what are the odds, such a simple and common element as stairs in a public urban environment, to have such a high viewer’s interest?

What Visit Israel succeeding with this video, is to indirectly advertise the destination of Tel Aviv in a simple, yet fun way for the viewer. It’s not the activity that matters in a way; after all it’s impossible for anybody, no matter how good rider he is, to identify with Fabio; this dude is from another planet!

The production manages to demonstrate exactly what need to be demonstrated and makes you see the potential of your visit to Tel Aviv in a mainstream and alternative way.

At the era of speed, keeping one in front of his screen with a video over two minutes is a must. 6 minutes and 43 seconds in the world of internet counts as a lifetime. On the other hand this is a little time to enjoy Fabio showing the beauties of a destination. You want more…